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Why you need a PrevTech solution

The only prevention solution for your farm’s electrical network, PrevTech’s solution helps prevent fires and interruptions of operations.

The Prevtech solution 

Prevents fires

24/7 monitoring of the electrical network

The prevention solution preferred by insurance companies

Prevents interruption of

operations due to electrical equipment failure

Immediate communication upon detection and support for diagnosis by a team of experts


Real case detected at Faucher farm

In the Words of dave johnsTon - maplevue Farms

“We have had the system since the summer of 2019. As someone who has experienced a fire in the past, having the PrevTech unit monitoring our electrical system 24/7/365 is a great peace of mind! It’s been an awesome experience dealing with the PrevTech team and we recommend that all farms should have this installed!”


You have dozens of tasks to perform on your operation. Our service only has one: to monitor the condition of your electrical network. Trust us. When an anomaly is detected, you are immediately notified and our team of experts helps you diagnose the problem in real-time.

In less than a year, the investment in the solution is fully repaid thanks to the expertise of our team who will take care of you.


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