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Dear PrevTech customers and partners,


We are listening to your suggestions and comments. In addition, we have several ideas in development to always increase the value of our service.


The solution offered by PrevTech is evolving with the intention of helping our customers and their electricians toincrease the preventive  side of agricultural operations and protect our farms.

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Available at electricians only for now 


  1. You can now choose a playback input (a monitored panel). 

  2. Choose how long you want to run diagnostic mode 

  3. To push on "start


  • This issues  a command to the PrevTech  Unit to send data to 3 secondsand displays all in oneindicator and un dynamic chart

  • This is very practical when you are looking for a faulty circuit by closing brakers. Everything can  be done remotely to assist your customer. 

  • You find the fault! The chart will react and drop  to almost zero.

  • It's like having a high quality Fluke type measuring instrument directly in the panels, without having to open it 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_at  distance and at all times. 


See example in thisvideo at the bottom of the page



  • Once you have pressed “start” it takes a few seconds for everything to begin to appear.



In the event of a new fault that triggers an alarm:


  • 5 consecutive alarms will be sent to the customer and his electrician

  • After these 5 alarms everything"Auto-Snooze"during 2 hours…. (your comments are welcome on the deadline)


At the end of this “Auto-Snooze” period, a message is sent with 3 pieces of information:

  • Number of alarms above threshold.

  • "Peak-Max" the highest value during the period.

  • Last value read before the end of the “Auto-Snooze.


The objective is to reduce the number of notifications  during an event. 




  • You will notice that we have added a small shield with a letterHAS,B,VSWhereD

  • It is an assessment of the level of health of the electrical network based on the readings collected and the events raised. This information is for you. You have questions ? Call us !

  • Here is the benchmark to compare based on this INDEX.  PRESS HERE:


In the tab "Security Index” you can find there information and notes (if applicable) relating to the assignment of this index as well as the date and time. 

We have other tools  in the crosshairs!!! Your comments and your suggestions are very important to us. 


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You trusted us, we deliver the goods! 


Pierre-André and the entire PrevTech team


Photo credit: Ferme Rotaly in the beautiful region of Kamouraska

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