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Wireless Hay Monitoring

HAYTECH is the single solution for preventing hay fires and improving hay quality.


Thousands of European producers have adopted it. A solution recognized by the major European agricultural insurers as an effective tool for reducing risks on the farm.


Introducing HAYTECH

HAYTECH is a wireless monitoring system for your hay. The handy probes are connected to the internet, allowing you to follow the real-time temperature of your hay effortlessly.


Keeping your farm safe

You can check the temperature of your hay whenever you want through the free Quanturi online service. You will also receive alert messages to your phone if temperatures rise to unsafe levels.


Control hay quality

Rising temperatures can have catastrophic effects to hay quality, but with HAYTECH you can always be sure you are selling top quality hay and reduce the likelihood of product damage.


How does HAYTECH work?

HAYTECH temperature probes

The HAYTECH hay monitoring system contains easy to spot and robust HAYTECH probes. With a spike length of 40 cm, they were designed for use with square or round bales. The starter system contains 10 HAYTECH probes, but depending on the size of the farm, a single HAYTECH system can contain up to 500 probes.

Base station and Repeater

The HAYTECH probes communicate with a base station and a repeater. The base station transmits the temperature measurements to the Cloud from which you can check the temperatures at any time. The repeater is an extra security device to guarantee the good signal transmission between the probes to the base station.

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