Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Incentive Programs

  • The different “Incentive Programs” are designed to reduce the risk of fire in agricultural operations and to reward customers for investing in effective loss prevention measures.


Why are these Incentive Programs in place?


  • As part of on-going commitment to helping farm customers protect their livelihood, various Incentive Programs are introduced it can potentially save thousands of dollars by reducing the risk of fire in agricultural operations.

  • Fire is a leading cause of loss for agricultural operations in Canada annually and a significant number of agricultural fires are caused by an electrical issue which could have been prevented through proper detection measures.


How does the solution work?


Smart sensors are installed at the main electrical service to provide continuous electrical network surveillance 24/7. These sensors can detect electrical and thermal anomalies and faults on the farm’s network such as:


  • Non-conforming cabling and configuration

  • Motor degradation and faults

  • Faulty or inadequate ventilation and lighting components

  • Overheated breaker panel


If an anomaly is detected, a text message and/or email will be sent to alert the customer and/or their electrician immediately.


The customer and electrician have access to a personalized dashboard to assist the diagnostic process and identify faults. PrevTech in turn, will provide support to encourage corrective action to take place.


What type of information does the dashboard provide?


  • Real time electrical data from the units such as Electrical Fault Monitoring levels on each electrical panel under surveillance

  • Real time electrical panel temperature

  • Historical data displayed in a customizable graphic

  • An Electrical Safety Index that gives a rating from (A) for Excellent to (Z) for the Sentinel Zone (D) At Risk to provide a general reference as to the overall health of the electrical network.

Who is the ideal customer?


Livestock farmers – for new business and renewals.

How does a customer sign up to participate?

  1. The customer contacts PrevTech at 1-888-224-0604

  2. PrevTech assists the customer’s electrician and issues a certificate once the solution is installed and activated

  3. The customer advises the broker and provides a copy of the certificate

  4. The broker advises the client’s insurer and provides a copy of the certificate as proof

  5. The insurer updates the policy and applies the discount

  6. The insurer sends the updated policy and endorsement to the broker


How long does it take to set up the solution?


It takes approximately two hours to set up the installation. Once this is done, continuous (24/7) surveillance starts and the system will detect any issues. If an issue arises, immediate communication is sent to the customer and/or their electrician.


Who installs the PrevTech solution?


The PrevTech unit can be installed by the client’s electrician and PrevTech can provide the required guidance and training. PrevTech can also recommend an electrician to install the solution.


Is there a cost associated with the PrevTech solution?


Yes, there is a cost per unit and there is also an annual monitoring and service cost. The following pricing applies:


  • 1 unit $1,825 for the unit and $995for the yearly monitoring service.


Typically, one unit is required per livestock building or facility, serviced by a main electrical entry. If an operation requires more than three units, PrevTech will provide a written estimated with customized pricing.


How will an electrician use the solution?


The solution is not meant to provide pre-authorization to open a service call with the client. PrevTech training for the electrician will encourage an initial communication with the client to assess how critical the event is. The tools provided by PrevTech, as well as the technical support, will allow for initial remote diagnostic and assistance, which offers a cost-efficient intervention.

Note: There may be additional costs charged by the customer’s electrician, at their discretion.


What is expected from the customer?


The customer is expected to maintain a functional system, subscribe to the monitoring services and share the data collected with the broker and the insurer.

The data is collected by PrevTech and provided to the customer. The customer is expected to provide the data to their broker and insurer upon request.


How is the data used?

The data will be used to support risk mitigation and consultation sessions with customers. These consultation sessions will help the Loss Prevention team identify hazards and develop a program to minimize risks to the farm operation.


What if a client doesn’t take immediate action and a claim results?

The solution is an element of various agricultural loss prevention programs. Each claim is handled on a case-by-case basis, allowing the claims team to review any information to determine its significance to the loss, however, the solution is not intended to be used for claims processing purposes specifically.


How do customers benefit from this investment?

  • The program is simple to set up, the monitoring and reporting processes are efficient.

  • The customer and their electrician are updated in real time.

  • The program helps reduce the risk of electrical fires and potential losses as the technology can detect issues and faulty components can be replaced or repaired before a costly fire occurs.

  • The solution can help customers manage maintenance efforts and avoid costly operational downtime or premature equipment failure.

  • Participating customers that sign up for the monitoring services can save up on their insurance premium annually.

  • To obtain specific information relative to the potential applicable discount, rebate or credit, the client must call their insurance broker or agent.


How do brokers benefit?

  • You can offer your customers the PrevTech solution with confidence, knowing that the company has proven results that its solution has helped prevent numerous devastating fires while providing tools to support operational efficiency.

  • You have an opportunity to showcase your expertise and the value you provide by offering a solution that proactively protects your customers’ livelihood and long-term investments.

  • Providing value added consultation that results in loss prevention can lead to higher customer retention.

  • You can have fewer fire-related claims to manage.