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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Incentive programs

The various incentive programs are designed to reduce the risk of fire and business interruption in agricultural and various light industrial operations. They are designed to encourage clients to invest in effective loss prevention measures.

Why are these incentive programs in place?

  • In an effort to help our customers protect their investments, various incentive programs have been introduced. They have the potential to save thousands of dollars in order to reduce fire hazards and business interruptions.

  • Fires are one of the leading causes of loss each year, and many of them are caused by an electrical problem that could have been avoided if proper detection measures had been taken.

How does the solution work?

Intelligent sensors are installed at the building's main electrical entrance and provide continuous monitoring of the electrical network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These can detect electrical or thermal anomalies and faults on the network, including :

  • non-compliant wiring and configuration;

  • motor degradation and failure

  • Lighting and ventilation equipment faults;

  • Overheating of a circuit breaker panel and main switches.

If an anomaly is detected, a text message and/or email is automatically and immediately sent to the customer and his electrician.

Both the customer and the electrician have access to a personalized dashboard on their smartphones, which helps them diagnose and track faults. In turn, PrevTech's technical team, dedicated to monitoring the various cases, will offer assistance to guide the diagnostic effort and encourage corrective action.

Visit this section to learn more about what differentiates PrevTech from other solutions on the market.

What kind of information does the dashboard provide?

  • Real-time electrical data from the units such as electrical fault levels on each panel being monitored

  • Real-time electrical panel temperature and ambient temperature.

  • Historical data displayed in a customizable graph.

  • Electrical safety index that provides a rating from A (excellent) to D (at risk) and serves as a reference for the overall condition of the electrical system.​

Who are the ideal customers?

Agricultural producers and light industrial operations, both for new business and renewals.

What does a client have to do to participate?

  1. The customer contacts PrevTech at 1-888-224-0604 or via the following form.

  2. PrevTech assists the customer's electrician throughout the installation process and validates the installation confirmation.

  3. PrevTech will issue a certificate to the customer once the solution is installed, activated, meets our compliance criteria and the associated fees are paid.

  4. The customer notifies their insurance professional and provides a copy of the certificate.

  5. The insurance professional forwards the copy of the certificate to the client's insurer and provides a copy of the paid invoice.

  6. The insurer updates the insurance policy and its current program.

  7. The insurer sends the updated policy and endorsement to the insurance professional.

How long does it take to install the solution?

Installation is simple and takes approximately 4-6 hours (per unit). Once the installation is complete, continuous monitoring (24/7) begins and the system will detect anomalies. 

Who installs the PrevTech solution?

The PrevTech tool can be installed by the customer's electrician and PrevTech can provide the necessary guidance and training. PrevTech can also recommend a pre-qualified electrician to install the solution.

Are there any costs associated with the PrevTech solution?

At PrevTech, we offer a customized approach, with a turnkey program for each client.

Our offer includes the necessary equipment, monitoring service and assistance from our team of experts when a situation is detected. In addition, we offer the possibility to choose between complete prevention programs of 1, 3 or 5 years of services.

The first step in establishing a price is to meet with your client and evaluate their needs, and then offer them a program or package adapted to their situation.

How will an electrician use the solution?

This solution is not intended to pre-authorize a service call with the customer. PrevTech's training for the electrician encourages initial communication with the customer to assess the criticality of the event. The tools provided by PrevTech, along with technical support, will allow for preliminary remote diagnosis and assistance, thus promoting a cost-effective intervention.


Note: Additional fees may be charged to the customer for the electrician's services at the customer's discretion.


What do we expect from the customer?

The client is required to maintain a functional system, to subscribe to a prevention program that will ensure the monitoring of their electrical system. The customer is responsible for taking the necessary steps to evaluate and resolve any detected situation, and to collaborate with PrevTech's technical team as needed to perform the required diagnostic and apply corrective actions.

The data is collected by PrevTech and provided to the customer via its secure platform.


What happens if a customer receives an alert but does not take immediate action and a claim is made?

The solution is a key component of a loss prevention program. Each claim is handled on a case-by-case basis, allowing the claims team to review any information to determine its significance to the loss. However, this solution is not intended to be used for claims processing purposes.


What do clients get out of this investment?

  • The customer and their electrician are notified in real time.

  • The technology used detects problems and allows the customer to replace or repair defective components before a devastating and costly fire occurs.

  • The solution helps customers manage maintenance efforts and avoid costly operational interruptions or premature equipment failure.

  • The program is simple to implement and the tracking and reporting processes are efficient.

What is the benefit to insurance professionals?

  • You can offer the PrevTech solution with confidence, knowing that the company has a proven track record of preventing many devastating fires while providing tools to support operational efficiency.

  • You'll be able to showcase your expertise and value by providing a proactive solution to protect your customers' livelihoods and long-term investments.

  • You can increase customer loyalty by providing value-added consulting services that prevent losses.

  • You may have fewer fire claims to manage.

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