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This is the original brand.

Beware of copies sold elsewhere.


The Elide Fire extinguishing ball allows you to protect certain places where a fire is likely to break out. It is automatic, the easiest and fastest way to put out a fire


It is easy to use and provides permanent protection as it self-activates in the presence of a flame, without human intervention.

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A versatile fire protection device

Elide Fire ball is non-toxic, eco-friendly, its non-harmful agent extinguishes multiple types of fires. Ideal for all prevention scenarios.

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Day and night protection

The Elide Fire Ball is a self-activating fire extinguishing device. It triggers in 3 to 10 seconds on contact with the flames.

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No training or maintenance

During its warranty period, the Elide Fire ball does not require any specific training or maintenance. Each ball has a 3 to 5 year lifespan and warranty depending on the model.


For your: 

  • Straw-chopper

  • Bobcat

  • Combine engine compartment

  • Tractor engine

  • Garage

  • Generator

  • Electrical room

  • Any other fire risk area

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4'' ball

  • For smaller areas

  • Easy to install near engines or machinery

  • Total weight of 1.5 lbs / 680.4 g

  • Coverage of 19 ft2 / 1.8 m2

  • 3-year warranty

6'' ball

  • For larger areas

  • Total weight of 3 lbs / 1361 g

  • Coverage of 60 ft2 / 5.6 m2

  • 5-year warranty


* All products include a mounting bracket


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Free shipping on all orders

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PrevTech Innovations is the exclusive distributor of Elide Fire products in the agricultural sector in Canada.

If you would like to obtain pricing for specific quantities and/or develop an offer for your customers, please contact us.

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